Current Owners of Frank Marshall
Ventriloquist Figures


Frank Marshall Group - Vent Haven 2001


Jimmy Nelson & "Danny O'Day"
Dan Willinger & Frank Marshall Figure

Dan Willinger & Frank Marshall Figures



George Boosey & "Oscar"

Bob Isaacson & "Speedy"



Bob Abdou & Frank Marshall Figure

Peter Rich & "Rawhide"



Carol Greene & "Sammy"

Mark Thompson & "Dexter"



Bill DeMar & "Chuck"

Robert Echols & Frank Marshall Figure



Doug Preis & Ventriloquist Figures

Bill Lisby & "Jackie Wood"



Andy Gross & Frank Marshall Figure

Les Lamborn & Frank Marshall Figure



Tim Harkleroad & "Sparky"

Howard Shirling & "Jerry"



Colin Williams & "Marshall Figures"

Ony Carcamo with "Kulas"

If you own a Frank Marshall ventriloquist figure,
please send us a picture of you with your figure
and we'll be glad to add you to this page.

Send your picture to:



















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