Bob Isaacson's "Mortimer Snerd"


When I was purchasing Charlie from Bob Isaacson, I asked him about Mortimer and he told me that he did like the idea of Mortimer coming to the Ventriloquist Central Collection but one of his sons really loved Mortimer and wanted to have him. I had no argument which I could give to Bob to change his mind because family ALWAYS comes first. I did tell Bob to let his son know that if at any time he wanted to part with Mort, I was his buyer.

Bob thought about this for a few months and then one day while we were chatting he told me that he decided that this wood carved Mortimer did belong with the Charlie and so Mort was going to come to the Ventriloquist Central Collection. Bob decided to build another Mortimer for his son which his son agreed to knowing the original was coming here.

Well Mr Isaacson worked diligently at creating another figure of Mort for his son and then let me know the original Mortimer was ready to come to his new place of abode.

So it is with great pleasure that I now show you the fantastic, wood carved, Mortimer Snerd figure which Bob used in the performances he did at the Museum of Radio Broadcasting in Chicago.

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