Eddie Garson's Chico Chico Ventriloquist Figure


Eddie Garson performed with the Xavier Cugat Orchestra and he produced Chico Chico out of a conga drum. I really wish I could have seen that show. I certainly am old enough to remember the Xavier Cugat and Abbey Layne and then Charo but I never knew that there was a ventriloquist on board too.

Chico Chico is part of the Ventriloquist Central Collection and I thought I would show him to you. He is 42" tall and is all original just as Mr. Garson used him. I was told by Bob Isaacson that in fact Chico had the wavy hair with the part but it was quickly replaced with the wig you see on him now. He has side to side moving eyes and slot jaw only. His paint is 100% original and still in spectacular condition. He has the standard wooden Marshall hands and the wooden lower legs.

Un fortunately the fabulous wardrobe that Chico Chico was dressed in as well as the conga drum were trashed before the family sold Chico. I only wish I could have had those items to go along with him. He is dressed exactly as he was last dressed by Mr. Garson when he was performing in the Miami area.












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