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Ray Guyll being interview by Dan Willinger making comments about Ventriloquist Central and
"The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Volume 1"





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Wonderful article about Ventriloquist Clifford Guest...Click Here For More

Lots of great updates from the Vent Haven Ventriloquist ConVENTion...Click Here For More


Remembering....The GREAT LESTER....Click Here For More


New article "Ventriloquism & Speech Therapy" by Lee Dean .... Click Here For More


Posted pictures of a very nice Johnny Main figure - Coco the KooKoo Chimp....Click Here For More


A great
article that was written by Lt. Estes whose McElroy Figure now resides in Vent Haven has been posted to the Articles section.. I would like to thank Ray Guyll for sending this to us....Click Here For More

Another Marshall figure has been posted to the Dan Willinger collection...Joe Doaks ...Click Here For More


A new Marshall figure has been posted to the Dan Willinger collection....a 1930's Walking Marshall...Click Here For More


A new article has been posted by Lee Dean....Lost Art: The Wooden Dummy and Ventriloquist with Frozen Lips who Throws Voice....Click Here For More


A new article has been posted...The Celebrated Ventriloquist - Richard Potter ... Click Here For More


Val Hilliker sent in this article from the Calgary Herald.....  Building Character

From Steve Axtell.....

We are still working hard on the development of these remote control characters and the response has been overwhelming.

To help us prepare our production line, please go vote for your favorite character on the poll we set up here thanks.


New items have been added to the Ventriloquist Marketplace.....Check Them Out

David Malmberg sent this to us....be sure to check it out....Click Here For More

New items have been added to the Classified Ads section of the Ventriloquist Marketplace.........
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Many "Ventriloquist In The News" items have been added.....Click Here For More

Be sure to keep up with the Ventriloquist Central Blog.....Click Here For More


A nice article about Dale Brown.....Click Here For More


The Ventriloquist Central Forum....sign up to participate in the forum....new video instructions for signing up.....Click Here for the Forum


The Blog page is changing.....Click For More


Val Hilliker sent in a newspaper clipping "You Are A Duck"....Click Here To See Val's Clipping


Just added...a video about Chuck Jackson....Click Here For Chuck Jackson Video


Another rare Marshall figure has been added to the Dan Willinger collection....Click Here To See The Marshall Figure


Three news links have been added to "Ventriloquist In The News"....Click Here For More

Check out Bill DeMar's Joke Page....Click Here For More

An article about Ken Spencer from the publication of the International Brotherhood of Ventriloquists - "The Oracle", July-August 1960 issue.....Click Here For More

Just added....Paul Winchell Script....Click Here For More

Four news links have been added to "Ventriloquist In The News"....Click Here For More


Bob Wallace reproduced Charlie, Mortimer and Effie for Edgar Bergen......See His Catalogue

Do you need an appraisal for your ventriloquist figure???.....Click Here For More Information


See the Part 2 video featuring Bob Isaacson & Speedy....Click Here For Video

Jeff Dunham's "Spark of Insanity"......NOW AVAILABLE....Click Here To Get Your Copy


See a video featuring Bob Isaacson & Speedy.... Click Here For Information



Sept 23 Jeff Dunham Comedy Central Premiere


Mallory Lewis in the news with "Phonics 4 Babies" .....Click Here For Information


Four news items have been added to "Ventriloquist In the News" .... Click Here For Information


New items listed on the Ventriloquist Marketplace .... Click Here For Information

Tom Crowl is "In the News"....Click Here For Information

New pictures have been added to the "VentSpace Gallery".....Click Here Too See

Listen to an audio clip from one of the exclusive Bonuses you receive when ordering "McElroy Magic" through Ventriloquist Central..... Click Here To Listen

Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop.....THE JAMES RANA SHOW.... See today's blog for more information...Click Here

The results of the "Axtell Puppet Video Challenge" are in...Click Here For More Information


New ventriloquist figure acquisition, plus a biography of the original owner, Jim Jedry...Click Here for Biography of Jim Jedry......  Click Here to see new figure, Little Eddie II


Terry Fator in the hospital....read his own words "Hello From A Hospital Bed!"...Click Here For Information


New items have been added to the Ventriloquist Marketplace....Click Here For Information


EVEN....More pictures added to the Vent Haven ConVENTion page (scroll towards the bottom of the page)....Click Here To See Pictures


One more interview recorded at the Vent Haven ConVENTion..... Mark James.... Click Here For Information


More pictures added to the Vent Haven ConVENTion page (scroll towards the bottom of the page)....Click Here To See Pictures


Another interview recorded at the Vent Haven ConVENTion..... this time it's Dr. Joan "Cookie" Jensen.... Click Here For Information

Terry Fator does it again....Click Here For Video Clip


We received an email from Bill Nelson telling us about his new website.....Check it out for yourself........Click Here For Bill Nelson Studios Website


Another interview recorded at the Vent Haven ConVENTion.....George Boosey & Oscar.... Click Here For Information


An interview with Carol Greene...recorded at the Vent Haven ConVENTion 2007.... Click Here For Information


Check out the "Ventriloquist In The News"......That’s Ventertainment! - Wilma Swartz the Ventertainer ... Click Here For Information


See Terry Fator on "America's Got Talent"....Click Here For Information


Vent Haven Greetings From Branson.....Click Here For Information


More pictures added to the VentSpace Gallery...if you haven't sent in YOUR pictures, please do.....Click Here For Information

Check out the NBC Today Show clip of the Vent Haven ConVENTion....Click Here For Information


More pictures added to the Vent Haven ConVENTion page...Click Here For Information


Check out Ony Carcamo in the news....Click Here For Information

Vent Haven ConVENTion 2007 pictures and comments page....Click Here For Information

Keep checking the Ventriloquist Central Blog for video updates from the Vent Haven ConVENTion.... Click Here For Information

Check out "Ventriloquist In The News"....Click Here For Information

New audio file from Pete Michaels.....Click Here For Information


Bill Nelson writes about Greg Claassen's new book, "McElroy Magic"....Click Here For Information


Check out Pete Michaels in the VentSpace Gallery


Ventriloquist George Boosey at WUNC's All Things Festive event, Durham, NC.
Click Here For Information


Ony and Wanlu "Look Who's Talking" July 26, 2007 8pm at The Library (Malate). This is the first major Dual Ventriloquist show in Manila and will be in a Comedy Bar called The Library, located in Malate, Manila.

Ony will perform with Mr Parley (his own hand carved figure) ang Lola Belay (Hartz) and Wanlu will be with Don Dominador (Payes) and the Cable Vent Mask. For more information contact Wanlu thepartyzoo@yahoo.com


Happy 4th of July......Check out Dan Willinger's "4th of July...Pre-Convention Dummy Sale"....
Click Here For Information

Check out "Ventriloquist In The News".......Magician, ventriloquist Mike Palma makes it all look effortless ....Click Here For Information


The Ventriloquist Central Picture CDs are BACK IN STOCK.....Order Yours Today!


David Erskine is one of the main stays of ventriloquism history.  Over the years David amassed a great collection of ventriloquial material including figures, books, posters and ephemera.....Click Here For Information


Hi Dan: I will have a big show this Sunday at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Here are one of the press releases:


For your consideration.


Guest Blog today, from Colin Williams of Australia, with his donation of a letter from Edgar Bergen.... Click Here For Information


Puppet teaches fire cadets about people with disabilities - Jan Goodwin...Click Here For Information


A New Article about Foy E. Brown, written by George Boosey and Todd Oliver....Click Here For Information


A New Acquisition....a Frank Marshall Bear....Click Here For Information

Two new websites to check out:

From Andrew Young - Hi there, I run a relatively new site called PuppetBuilding.com that is all about building all kinds of puppets. The site is updated every weekday with new tips, resources and tutorials. Please feel free to take a look at http://www.puppetbuilding.com  and if you like it I would love it if you would share it with your site's readers.

Something that your readers might be especially interested in is the site's totally free Puppet Builder Directory for connecting builders and people who need puppets. Builders can join and add a profile for free at http://www.puppetbuilding.com/puppet-builder-directory/

Thanks so much, you have a great site!

From the Magical Balloon-dude Dale - I would like to pass some information on to you about an new directory being formed for entertainers who have a myspace.com web site. I found it very difficult to find other entertainers on myspace.com so I made a directory for them to post the myspace web sites. It's free, I have a category for Ventriloquism and thought your club members would like to add their information. Please check it out at http://www.mbd2.com/directory/



Ventriloquist Gary Owen
& Willard

Dummies take over Tahlequah library - Gary Owen....Click Here For Information

Jay Johnson: The Two and Only Wins Theatrical Event Tony....Click Here For Information


Two new links added on the "Ventriloquist In The News" page....one about Jay Johnson, the other about Jerry Layne......Click Here For Information


Part Two of "Saturdays With Ray Guyll" ......Click Here For Information


A new article has been added "My McElroy Story" by David Pendleton.....Click Here For Information


"Ventriloquist In The News" link with Val Hilliker.....Click Here For Information


Tribute to Johnny Main...."Remembering Johnny Main", By Pete Michaels...Johnny Main's own Lecture notes....a video.....Click Here For Information


Tony Davis from Portland, Oregon, sent in a video, "Chaos in the Backyard"....check it out.....Click Here For Video


VentriloquistCentral.com Tee Shirts now available....Click Here For Information


A Frank Marshall letter to Johnny Main......Click Here For Information


Ventriloquist Central Website Pictures.....NOW Available....Click Here For Information


A new article has been added, "Saturdays With Ray Guyll".....Click Here For More


From Dale Brown....Finally Dale’s stage show, “Close to a Thrill,” is available on DVD. Filmed at the historic Margret Brate Bryant Theatre, the performance features Bertha the Bag Lady, Shaggy Dog, Louie the Jockey, Chip Martin, and others. Join Dale and his cast of characters for more than an hour of side splitting comedy.

Dale has appeared at the MGM in Las Vegas and at convention centers, theaters, banquets and clubs throughout the country. In addition he has appeared on Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning American, The Today Show and many other talk shows and news programs.

This DVD is only $20 for a limited time only. Simply go to
 www.dale-brown.com  and click on “store.”


Pete Michaels is the headliner in "7th Comedy For Cure", a fundraising comedy show to benefit research for multiple sclerosis....Click Here For More


A video clip featuring a segment with Ray Guyll and his lovely wife, Barbara.....Click Here


Another Guest Blog today, by Bob Abdou ( www.mrpuppet.com ) "Perceived Value"....Click Here


Guest Blog today....Jeff Dunham's - SPARK OF INSANITY, by Matt Kimbro....Click Here


"FOR ALL YOU AARP MEMBERS" ...Calling All Aspiring Ventriloquists....Check This Out, Click Here For More

From Pete Michaels....I've just posted a NEW video on my site containing clips from seven of my TV appearances. www.petemichaels.com/clips.html

Wanted - Marshall Old Woman Doll -
Around 1958, Frank Marshall made an old woman doll for Australian professional ventriloquist 'Ron Blaskett.' In the 1980s, Ron sold the doll......Click Here For More Information

A rarely seen video. This video was donated by Ray Guyll. It’s a video taken from an old 8mm film by and converted to VHS by Les Lamborn. It’s a short video showing both Glenn & George McElroy at Vent Haven.....Click Here


UPDATE - Cy Leonard's Hortense has been returned.....Click Here

A SPECIAL REPORT - The Travels of Cy Leonard's Hortence.....now on the Blog....Click Here

Check out the
VentSpace Gallery...Click Here For More Information

Also, a new article about Juro Dummies...reprinted from the Barker Magazine....Click Here

Steve Axtell of Axtell Expressions sent in this link for the Axtell Puppet Video Challenge....Check it out:  http://www.axtell.com/puppetvideochallenge.html


See Jeff Dunham "Arguing With Myself"  tonight on Comedy Central (check local listings in your area)

Jeff's DVD..."Arguing With Myself"....is only $9.99 on the Ventriloquist Marketplace
Click Here


PLUS....I've added another figure to my collection.  This little guy is one that to this point I have not been able to identify the maker, so if you know who it is , please contact me so that I can add it to the description.
Click Here


From Pete Michaels.....Hey all! Just posted my NEW Demo Video on my site! Drop by and take a look! Pete Michaels  http://www.petemichaels.com


Once again....we have even Another audio recording, this time it's Brian Hamilton recording an audio "letter" to Colonel Bill Boley...this is a wonderful recording (almost 60 minutes long) made in 1978 with other audio clips and highlights......the only way to listen to it is become a member subscriber to the Ventriloquist Central Email Newsletter (don't worry....it's FREE).....Click Here

The Countdown for the Vent Haven ConVENTion has started!!!


Once again....Another audio interview, this time it's Johnny Main talking with Frank Marshall...this is a wonderful interview from the 60's......the only way to listen to it is become a member subscriber to the Ventriloquist Central Email Newsletter (don't worry....it's FREE).....Click Here

From Pete Michaels..."I just posted a Real Audio file of my interview on Sirius Satellite
Radio. The show is called Speak Now and is hosted by Comic David Konig and his
wife Susan. It was a blast! Hope ya like it!"


Another audio interview, this time it's Cy Leonard talking with Glenn McElroy...this is a wonderful interview from 1977......the only way to listen to it is become a member subscriber to the Ventriloquist Central Email Newsletter (don't worry....it's FREE).....Click Here

An audio recording donated by Fred Anderson..... of Cy Leonard and Happy, singing a duet, with Cy using the "Double Voice".....Click Here

Thanks, Fred for you contribution!

Check out the new Levitz ad with Al Semok.....Click Here

Also, a nice article has been added "A Jack Coat's Experience" by John Hopman.....Click Here

BIG NEWS!!!!....The Ventriloquist Central Group Forum is now OPEN.  Post your ideas and comments now......Click Here


Picture Contributions....Les Lamborn has contributed some great pictures to Ventriloquist Central.  First, he sent in a nice layout of Jack Coats at work.....Click Here For More

Second, he sent two articles about the very talented dummy maker, Brian Hamilton......Click Here For More

Thanks, Les for your contributions!


Dead Silence...A Movie Review.....Click Here For More


A great article is posted in the Article section....by David Malmberg "Musings of a Bellytalker"....Click Here For More


An interview with the director and writer of the movie, Dead Silence, James Wan and Leigh Whannell .....this is actually a very good interview.  They talk about horror movies, ventriloquism and dummies.....Click Here For More

Be sure to check out the Ventriloquist Marketplace, a Dan Payes dummy is for sale....Click Here

I have been asked by quite a number of people about my web site so after talking with Steve my webmaster we have come up with a wonderful idea for anyone who may want to have a website. Here's a link for you to see what I got Steve to give on this matter.  Click Here For More Information


The ST PATTY'S DAY BIG SURPRISE is here.....the BIG SURPRISE is not one but TWO very RARE Frank Marshall audio interviews.....Both of these interviews have some VERY (and I do mean VERY) interesting comments....the only way to listen to them is become a member subscriber to the Ventriloquist Central Email Newsletter (don't worry....it's FREE).....Click Here


A NEW Marshall Figure - Mickey O'Finn has been added to the Dummy Collection.... Click Here

Dan Payes has made a video and has submitted it to the new show, "On the Lot" - He has graciously sent us a copy....See It Here

A NEW listing on the Ventriloquist Marketplace - Replica of "FATS"......Click Here

More Links added to the Ventriloquist In The News.....Click Here

"Jack Coats" ...an article by Gary Koepke.....Click Here


Jeff Dunham will be performing in Washington, DC on May 5th at the Warner Theatre.  He's doing two shows and a taping for Comedy Central.  For more information, go to:  www.jeffdunham.com


New Blog entries over the weekend.....Click Here

We now have the Marketplace Store up and running....Check It Out Here

A Special Public Service, maybe you can help....Click Here For More Information


"Remembering Ken Spencer"...an article by Pro Ventriloquist David Malmberg....Click Here


Check out my NEWEST McElroy figure....Click Here


Not one but TWO "FATS" have been listed on the Ventriloquist Marketplace - Buy Sell Trade, made by the talented Albert Alfaro of Imaginarium Galleries....Click Here

Also listed is a Ronn Lucas Commemorative Casino Chip....Click Here

The Vent Haven ConVENTion brochure and registration are now ONLINE.....Click Here

More Links added to the Ventriloquist In The News.....Click Here

A JC Turner figure has just been added to the Dummy Collection.... Click Here


Bob Abdou ( www.mrpuppet.com ) is the "Consultant on Ventriloquism" for the Puppeteers of America. Check it out here:  http://www.puppeteers.org/puppcons.html


Check out the new article that has been posted about one of the all time great figure makers, Frank Marshall.  This article was written by Bob Isaacson, a man who used to hang out with Frank and has some wonderful historical insights about the man and his legacy.  Click Here For More


Ventriloquist Week on David Letterman....Feb 12th - 16th

The Ventriloquist Marketplace is Up & Running.....Click Here For More

If you are getting a pop up that states.."Do you want to allow this webpage to access your Clipboard?" 
Click Here For More


New Figures have been added....Foy Brown, Insull, Johnny Main, a newly acquired Marshall..... plus a Mack Figure have been added.....Click Here For More


Happy is here.....Click Here For More


Tribute to "Fats"....Click Here For More


















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