"What Would You Do If Your Ventriloquist Figure Were Stolen Or Destroyed?"

Here's The Best Way To Protect Your Investment


From the Desk of Dan Willinger

Dear Ventriloquist Friend,

It has come to my attention that there is a very real need for an appraisal service for the ventriloquial society so it is with great pleasure that I announce I will be offering appraisals on any and all ventriloquist figures both old and new, those being used for performance and those that are collectibles.

You ask why do I need an appraisal?


The answer is simple. If you have your figure damaged or even worse stolen and you do not have a written appraisal with a stated value amount, you would then have to put a claim in to your home owners insurance or your car insurance. Both of these have deductibles and then the most you can collect is limited (usually far below the value of your ventriloquist figure).

If you use a Selberg figure to perform with or even better a Marshall figure, how will you ever get the money for repair or replacement?

You must have an appraisal!!

My experience with antiques covers the past 40 years and I have been collecting ventriloquist figures for over 10 years. I have also been appraising antique clocks for the past 25 years.

Being versed in all ventriloquist figures both old and new, I can give you the fairest monetary estimations for your insurance appraisal needs.

It's an easy process for me to do an appraisal for you.  This is what I will need from you to perform and accurate appraisal:

  • Photographs of your ventriloquist figure (2 to 4 color pictures-hard copies).
  • A complete description done to the best of your ability including the following:
    • Size of the figure (length from head to toe)
    • Material the figure is made of (wood, wood dough - plastic wood, fiberglass, composition, mannequin composition, latex, neoprene, plastic)
    • What the body is made from, wood, cloth, fiberglass, plastic
    • Functions in the head ( mouth, eyes, eyebrows etc..)
    • Age of the figure (if known)
    • Maker of the figure (if known)

Once you have this information, mail it to me at:

Dan Willinger
P.O. Box 29
Malden, MA  02148


That's it.  It's just that easy.

Once I receive your information, I will do a thorough examination of the information your send.  Afterwards, you will be provided with a written appraisal that you can use for insurance purposes.

The investment for this service is very reasonable $50.00 per figure.  You can send a check along with the information (make check payable to Dan Willinger)or contact me to make other arrangements.

Don't let your figures be at risk contact me now and protect your investment.



Dan Willinger


P.S.  If you've spent hundreds or thousands of dollars for your ventriloquist figure, doesn't it make sense to protect your investment.  For only $50.00 per figure, YOU CAN.  Don't hesitate, do it now.


P.S.S.  If you prefer, I can do an in-depth examination and detail appraisal.  This would require you shipping the ventriloquist figure to me.  Contact me at dan@ventriloquistcentral.com for more information and pricing.




















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