Albert Alfaro's Donation to Ventriloquist Central


There were so many highlights at the Vent Haven ConVENTion 2010 and one of the tops was when Albert Alfaro of Imaginarium Galleries made a donation to the Ventriloquist Central Collection. This was such a nice gesture on Albert's part I just can't say enough.

Albert is an artist and sculptor and over the past decade has become one of the foremost builders of truly unique hard ventriloquist figures. I happen to know that Albert has collected figures and one of his favorite builders is Tim Selberg and Albert's continued progression over the years has brought him equal in my eyes to Mr. Selberg.

All of the Imaginarium figures are unique and can only be had from Imaginarium Galleries. The figures come in different sizes from small 15" characters to full size 44" figures. All of Albert's controls are now direct linkage done in brass and the controls are super smooth and feel just right in your hands. His finishes are superb and the skin tones look like real skin. Many of his figures have real dentures and I don't think any other builders are doing that today. His wigs are custom made too for the final touch.

If you have not been to Imaginarium's web site here is the link  and I suggest you give it a good look. There is a figure for everyone's taste.

Albert has also made replicas of Fats both sinister and the Club Fats versions.

This cheeky boy figure that you are looking at here in the Ventriloquist Central Collection is a full size 40" figure and has slot jaw and side to side self centering eyes. This amount of functions is perfect for the collection but if you were to order a figure from Mr Alfaro the movements are what ever you could possibly think of. He can load one up for you.

Albert is also able to do custom figures designed just for you. He will draw the character to your specifications then sculpt it, and cast it. What more could you ask for??

He is truly a remarkable artist and a driving force in the Ventriloquist Community and I am happy to call him my friend.

Thanks Albert!!




























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