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Dan Willinger & Marshall Figure
Dan Willinger & Marshall Figure

Steve Hurst




Pete Michaels with Milo & Krelmin 

Russ Lewis & Brooklyn Birch



Ventriloquist Larry Harris-ComicVent & Iggy
Larry Harris-ComicVent & Iggy

Ventriloquist Tom Crowl
Tom Crowl



Kriket with Lee Dean

Ventriloquist Bob Abdou & Rusty
Rusty and Bob Abdou performing at Cap City Comedy Club, Austin, Texas


Ventriloquist David Wilson
David Wilson

Wanlu & Nicolo


Ventriloquist Dave & Snubby
Dave & Snubby


Ventriloquist Gary Lenon & Larry
Gary Lenon & Larry

Ventriloquist John Heaman & Count
Count, John Heaman & Count Bassie

Margaret Davis & Douglas Quackerfield


"Wizard With No Name" With Poffey the Dragon Puppet
"Wizard With No Name" With Poffey the Dragon Puppet

Smith & Jones


Ventriloquist Chuck and Dante
Chuck and Dante

Ventriloquist Matt Bronsil and Jazzy D.
Matt Bronsil and Jazzy D.

Ventriloquist Chris Johnson & Buster with Ventriloquist Ronn Lucas
Chris Johnson & Buster with Ronn Lucas
Ventriloquist Billy Sobe & Rodney
Billy Sobe & Rodney

Ventriloquist Curtis Jones
Curtis Jones & Gabby Little - Grin and Share It Ministries
Ventriloquist T.A. Hamiliton
T.A. Hamilton with Casey Walker & Elmer T. Tucker



Ony Carcamo & Mr. Parley (PHILIPPINES)

Ventriloquist Woody & Friends
Woody & Friends

Woody & Friends


Ventriloquist George Boosey & Oscar
George Boosey & Oscar


Ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson with Louie &  Lee Cannon
Jimmy Nelson, Louie & Lee

Ventriloquist Christian Morse with Jerry Mahoney & Archie
Jerry, Christian Morse & Archie


Ventriloquist Neale Bacon & Horton Hogg
Neale Bacon & Horton Hogg


Ventriloquist Ruth Means & Helen of Troy
Ruth Means & Helen of Troy


Ventriloquist David Sleeper & Wally
David Sleeper & Wally

Ventriloquist Central - VentSpace Gallery - Montana's Santa & Gramps
Montana's Santa and Gramps


Ventriloquist Joni Haag & Stella
Joni Haag & Stella


Ken Souza's "Julian"


Blake & Jay




Paul Golio & Tinsel Garland


Doc Lowery & Friends


Carol Greene & Katie Lynn

Dr. Joan "Cookie" Jensen & Friends


Kevin Hallesy and Sherlock

Adam DeFilippi



Lee Wolfson & some friends from Sarasota, FL


Lucky Kazooty, Haywood Hoot, Charley Mack, & Randy Gandee




George Hippe & Arnold

Mike Randall & "Sammy Sasquatch"



JD Haile & Earl

Richard Paul & TJ  or 



The Steve Hewlett Show

Greg Claassen



Leslie McKinney & Friends

Nate Brown & Lobo 



Jimmy Reedyk


Gary Gibson



Fred Roby

Justin Ver Burg & Guido 



Wilma Swartz's Me & My Shadow

John Hopper with Arty Fishal & Vern


Donald Mactavish with Jimmy & Hans the dead farmer


Val Hilliker and Mr. C.



Eileen Thompson & Friends

Nicholas & Friends


Mike Niehaus with friends Biff & Stretch

John Hopman & Leroy


Sheriff McCabe sponsors Master Deputy Bob Walsh

Bill Smith & Wally



Matt Stafford and THE Gang


Dean Bohl & his partner Chester Dolittle



Angela Scott & Doc Hope

Bubbles & Skip



AC Summers & Jackie McMasters


Matt Kimbro


Scott Bryte & Herald the Angel, Sparky, Senex, & Prof. Erasmus Q. Hornswaggl - knower of things

Carlitos el explorador de la Biblia y sus muñecos



Andrew Annear with Henry the penguin

George & Johnny (figure)

Nanok & Manfred Werner

Dieter Barthofer and Mathilda 


Chepito y Chispin

Ophelia Possum and Liz


Monk and Danny Valentine

Anke Cibach & "Connie


Jacki Manna

Barley the Ventriloquist


CK with Slyvester the cat & Tony

Jeff Yates and Ty

Andy, Mike Stafford, Myles (Buster)

Gary Lare and Andy 


Linda Holliday with Mikey & Baby Chuckee

JohnDMagician and SmokeyDBear


Tom Farrell with Jimmy and the gang

Australia's Most Original Ventriloquist - Ben & MJ


Brian Tiernan

Pascal and Bingo 


Buddy Big Mountain

Brian Forbes


Rick Jenkins “The Roving Ventriloquist”


















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