Glen Cargyle Ventriloquist Figure


As most all know Glen Cargyle's claim to fame was that he made the ventriloquist figure used by Danny Kaye in the movie Knock On Wood. Cargyle did in fact make figures and sold them in Hollywood in the early 1950's. He also was a big user of mannequin heads that he converted but he also did do some wood carved heads and heads he carved from plastic wood.

This particular figure by Cargyle is one that was carved from plastic wood ( wood dough ) and stands 40" tall. He has side to side moving eyes, a winker and slot jaw. I have included some pictures of how he looked when I got him with some nicks and scratches and almost all of his hair ( crepe ) was long gone. He was in such nice original condition I didn't want to repaint him and lose that originality so instead the paint was blended in, just on the spots needed to bring him back as you see him now. His hands are very nice and are wood carved.

I also gave you some shots of the original body with the original arms and legs and body covering in this great striped material. The arms and legs are filled with straw. Inside the body between the slats and the covering material is original newspaper from the 1950's. Very cool to find.

































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