Dan Payes Siamese Twins Ventriloquist Figure


Everyone today who is into ventriloquism should know who Dan Payes is because he has been selling Ventriloquist Figures for around 15 years. He is one of those that I certainly would call a prolific builder. Hundreds of his figures are now out there in the hands of performers and collectors.

In his building of figures he has created a Siamese Twins figure and to date he has made only four of them. They are spread around the world and today I am happy to show all of you the one that has become a part of the Ventriloquist Central collection.

The figure is a full 40" tall with two heads. Both of the heads are fully functional with 360 degree rotation, as they are mounted to the bottom board on pins like the early Mack and Marshall figures. They have slot jaw movement and side to side moving eyes. The paint finish on these guys is a great job too. Dan has really come into the top realm for painting.

When they arrived to the collection they were naked so I had to purchase two Chinese outfits then had them remade into a single outfit as you see. I think this guy looks fantastic and I am happy to include this rare figure in the Ventriloquist Central Collection.



























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