The Epitome of a Folk Art
Ventriloquist Figure


I am always searching for ventriloquist figures and I especially like those that are wood carved. I was really dumb founded when I discovered this Folk Art gem of a ventriloquist figure.

At first appearance he appears like a normal vent figure but when you look close you see that not only is his head carved from 3 planks of wood but the entire body , which appears to be seated on a tree stump, is in fact a tree stump. I decided to call him my totem pole ventriloquist figure. He is a one piece body and seat with his back hollowed out to accommodate the head stick.

His head is actually 4 planks of wood , two side pieces and two interior pieces. There are no cracks it is the way it was put together. He has slight movement of the eyes in a winking fashion and of course slot jaw. The jaw opens real wide. Controls are strings that run out the back of the neck.

To use this fellow you would have to be seated next to him with your hand in his back. His painted shirt and pants are all original paint and his hair is yarn that is actually placed into small holes and glued in place. He stands ( actually sits ) 35" tall. His head is ball and socket and is removable. The neck was hollowed out to accept the sort of ball style neck. I feel from the look and style of the painted cloths that he is from the late 1960's. Hippie era. He weighs about 50 pounds so he was not moved around much that is for sure.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this unusual ventriloquist figure!!






























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