Brant Gilmer's Very First Ventriloquist Figure


I love the ConVENTion because we get together to enjoy and discuss all aspects of ventriloquism with all our peers. The ConVENTion for me is also where I hope to find some gem that happens to arrive looking for a new home. ConVENTion 2012 was no exception.

The first day the dealers room opened I walked into dealers room A and immediately to my right Brant Gilmer was set up with his portfolio of wonderful figures that he has created and sitting in a chair he had one figure for sale. It was his very first figure he ever created back in 1984 and for me this was the jewel of the dealers rooms. I love to find figures that are significant in their history and this fellow certainly fits the bill. He is signed inside the head and is also signed on the head stick by Brant as his #1 figure. I am happy to now share him with all of you

He stands 42" tall and he has ball and socket neck, slot jaw and side to side self centering eyes. As per all of Mr. Gilmer's figures the mechanics are silky smooth and as quiet as a church mouse. He was stored away so he is in perfect condition.

Brant told me he would send a picture of himself holding this figure and when I receive it I will share it as well. He had the photo in his folder but I just could not take it away from him so a duplicate will be fine.




























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