Conrad Hartz Marshallesque Figure


There is no question that Conrad Hartz was influenced as a builder of carved wooden figures by the master Frank Marshall. In keeping with this fact I am pleased to show you this Conrad Hartz figure which recently became a member of the Ventriloquist Central collection.

This figure was purchased from Conrad over 20 years ago, put in a storage closet and was never used. He just recently again came out to see the light of day. He stands 40" tall and came to me undressed so I clothed him in this neat 1950's outfit.

He has side to side self centering eyes and slot jaw. His paint is all original as is his wig. The control lever is brass unlike the newer levers Mr Hartz makes today. Also the head stick does not yet have the finger grooves the he does today. He has a great smile with exposed teeth with carved dimples in the cheeks very reminiscent of what Frank Marshall did to his figures. I hope you enjoy seeing this great Hartz figure.









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