Bob Isaacson's "Charlie McCarthy"


Bob decided that his Charlie McCarthy figure, which he spent over two years in carving, has made it's way to the Ventriloquist Central Collection.

I can tell you that when I unpacked this figure I actually started to shake because Bob captured Charlie's impish character with perfection. The fact that Bob carved him in basswood from pictures really has taken my breath away and for me it is almost like having the original Charlie sitting here in the collection.

Bob did take some liberties with his creation because the body is quite a bit larger than the original Charlie and bob did use mannequin hands too. The body is much the same as a Frank Marshall body with shaped shoulders and spline for shaping the torso and then covered with padding. Legs are also Frank Marshall style.

The head is all basswood and Bob got a wig made for this fellow that I am sure Edgar Bergen would have gone nuts for. The hair looks just like it is growing out of the head. He has great slot jaw mouth action and wonderful brown glass eyes. Bob even had his monocle specially made and attaches to the head just like the original. All I can say is WOW and I hope you all enjoy seeing him up close and personal.


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