Jimmy Eisenberg's Ventriloquist Sideshow Figure


I am a sucker for antique figures as everyone knows but new figures I have always had a problem purchasing. I am not saying I have not purchased new figures it just bothers me because for the most part they are usable tools but not collectible.

At quite a few ConVENTions Helen would always gravitate to Jimmy Eisenberg's table and say to me " You should get one of his figures." I would always say if it were old!! Helen liked them and I never did purchase one that is until just recently. Helen would be happy.

I was contacted by Ken Groves and he informed me he had a figure made by Jimmy and wanted to know if I had one in the Ventriloquist Central Collection. I told him I didn't and he let me know that he had one that needed a new home. Well that figure is now here in the Ventriloquist Central Collection.

This particular fellow has crossing eyes, slot jaw and a squirting flower. His clothing is all hand made and he is seated on a travel trunk with the travel stickers to prove it. Not quite as unusual as some of Mr. Eisenberg's figures but unmistakably his work.






























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