Ventriloquist Figures
Ally Sloper & Mrs. Sloper


These great ventriloquist figure heads were made by Alfred LeMare somewhere around 1890 and have survived the century because the were, as told to me by the antique dealer in London, wrapped in blankets and the put into a trunk and left in an attic for the better part of 100 years until he got them.

I was certainly happy to be the one that acquired them and now I can present them for you to look at as well. I did a video showing the heads as well which you can also view

Ally Sloper was a comic strip character so you can look him up and read all about him. He was popular in England from the 1860's to the 1930's. There is a great story on him in Wikipedia:

Click here for Wikipedia on Ally Sloper

These are large heads about the same size as a real human head. The Male character Alley has slot jaw, spitter, smoker one eye winks and both eyes blink. Mrs Sloper has moving mouth only!!






























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