Frank Goldquist Mack Figures


Frank Goldquist originally of Savannah Illinois was one of the most colorful people and yet not many of us know who he was. He was born in 1887 and lived until 1980 and in his lifetime he did some remarkable things. He was the owner and operator of the Great Franquist Circus, he helped build the panama canal, he worked as a ventriloquist and as a theatre manager. He was an adept carver and always had something in the works.

I was very fortunate to be able to acquire Frank's prized Theodore Mack ventriloquist figures. One is a black boy the other is a white boy. Both are in superb original condition except for the clothing. The clothing that was on them when I got them was tee shirts and jeans from the 1960's and totally wrong so they have been redressed as you see them for the Ventriloquist Central Collection.








































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