Great Theodore Mack Ventriloquist Figure


As fate would have it I recently acquired this fantastic Theodore Mack ventriloquist figure. This figure was listed for sale on the Ventriloquist Central Marketplace a bit over a year ago and I helped the owner who had inherited it from her great grandfather price the figure for the listing.

I told her I wanted to have it for the Ventriloquist Central Collection but the price she wanted was just a bit too much for me but I did say I was sure someone would step up to the plate and make the purchase. I was right but a strange thing happened, the buyer talked with Maureen, the owner, and made an offer. Maureen contacted me and asked if I knew the buyer, which I did. I must admit the offer that was made, I would have paid but I didn't want to cut the buyer out. It would not have been right.

I contacted the buyer and told him the story and made an agreement that if he purchased the figure he had to give me first refusal if he ever decided to part with it. Low and behold that day came and after a couple minutes of negotiation this terrific Mack figure is now part of the Ventriloquist Central Collection.

This figure is about 98% original. He stands 42" tall, has the head stick that goes to the bottom board of the body, has mouth movement, smoker and spitter. The smoker and spitter were still in the figure when it was sold by Maureen but the new owner removed those parts as they were not working. Luckily he saved everything so I will be reinstalling them. I said 98% original and the reason is that when he removed the tubes he used the smallest bit of plastic wood to cover the spot in the lips where they went. This is an easy fix to bring everything back to 100%. His wig and his paint are original but again the slightest bit of paint touch up on the leather under the mouth.

You can certainly see where Frank Marshall got his influence from with the carving on this chaps face. I am certainly one happy collector to be able to have this superb Mack figure in the Ventriloquist Central collection.

I do hope you enjoy looking at him.





























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