Premier Example of a Nosey


A Fellow by the name of Andy Willis was on his way to a band rehearsal in Chicago and it was a rainy Friday afternoon and he happened by a thrift store hoping to purchase an umbrella. As he looked around a pair of wooden eyes caught his eyes. Low and behold he had found this wonderful Frank Marshall Nosey figure which had just been put out for sale. He and his wife got a bit creep ed out by him and decided to sell him.

I was contacted as well as some other collector dealers in the vent world and I was the lucky one to finally get him. He is one of the premier examples of a Nosey that Marshall carved and you can certainly see where Jerry Mahoney came from by looking at this little fellow. He is all original right down to the clothing and except for some chipping of the white of his eyes, he is in near perfect condition. A true treasure. So keep checking those thrift stores. !!!

This exceptional Marshall Nosey figure has the following functions, slot jaw, side to side self centering eyes, right eye winks and he has raising eyebrows. A true museum ventriloquist figure!!


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