Robert McRay Big Head Figure - Terrance


Robert McRay ventriloquist figures are one of the rare breeds of ventriloquist figures and are owned by only a select few who are willing to step up to the plate and pay for a figure that is truly unique. The example shown here is quite possibly the rarest of this unique breed of figures.

This is the very first Big Head that Robert made with his unique pistol grip control head stick. This was made in 2003 for the Pro Ventriloquist Mike Robinson of Nova Scotia Canada. Mike is a regular performer on the Holland America Cruise line and his figure's name is Terrance.

Terrance has the following functions: Slot jaw, upper lip movement, stick out tongue, raising eyebrows, one eye wink, both eyes blink, and side to side self centering eyes.

The head of course is very large compared to the size of the body and is a bit heavy in my opinion. But a wonderful character and Ventriloquist Central Collection is happy and proud to have him here.

Our good friend Mike Robinson, ventriloquist extraordinaire, decided that he wanted his Robert McRay big Head Figure, Terrance, to become a part of the Ventriloquist Central Collection. He has donated him to the collection so that all can see him at any time you desire.

Thanks again Mike.



Here's a video of Mike Robinson

Here are some pictures of Mike visiting the
Ventriloquist Central Collection


































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