Al Getler's Floyd Ventriloquist Figure
by Al Semok


Al Getler is a consummate pro ventriloquist and he entertained at the 2013 Ventriloquist Central Birthday Bash with some great ventriloquism and comedy. If you ever get to see Mr Getler perform you will leave the event very happy with a smile that is hard to get off your face.

I was exceedingly happy when Mr Getler contacted me to let me know he was going to let go of his back up figure " Floyd " which was carved by Al Semok " The Dummy Doctor" . He is a wonderful example of the figures produced by Mr Semok.

This figure is all original except that the eyes were adjusted to look at a better angle than non other than Jeff Dunham. Al Getler and Jeff Dunham are very good friends and a couple years ago Al brought Floyd on to Jeff's tour bus and Jeff did the repair. He has side to side self centering eyes and slot jaw and stands 38" tall. He has the standard style hands that Mr Semok also uses on his figures.

I hope you enjoy seeing him.



























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