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I have done a couple videos showing the Effanbee Charlie McCarthy dolls from the 1930's but had no done pictures until now.

The only true Charlie McCarthy that was made as a doll or toy, licensed by Edgar Bergen are those that were made by the Effanbee Co. They released the Charlie McCarthy figure in two sizes a twenty inch and a fifteen inch. They were all marked on the back of the neck Edgar Bergen's Charlie McCarthy an Effanbee Product. If you have a toy Charlie McCarthy and that is not marked as such on the back of the neck it is not a Charlie and not an Effanbee product.

K&S Toys, Regal Toys and Ralph Freundlich & Co all put out figures which resembled Charlie to hop on the great popularity of Charlie McCarthy at that time but they were in fact just toys. They were sold under the name Dummy Dan and Willie Talk.

Today you will see many so called Charlie McCarthy toy figures being sold but just remember the true Charlie was only offered in two sizes and was always marked on the back of the head. They came in a wonderful box with a great end label and had the top hat and lapel pin. They came in quite a number of outfits and I have pictures two for you. The tuxedoed version is 20" tall and the brown suit is 15" tall.






























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