Vicki Taylor & Ronnie


Vicki Taylor is one of the preeminent female ventriloquists of the mid to late 20th century. She performed all across the United States and was hailed as being one the the few who could do the double voice.

She was married to ventriloquist Roy Douglas and they did perform together but their marriage did not last and Vicki established herself as one of the finest.

Today she lives in Revere Ma. and I was very excited when she decided to part with her partner of 56 years and allow me to purchase him for my ventriloquist figure collection.

Ron is a carved basswood figure made by John Carroll in Oct. 1952. His head hands and body are basswood and he has side to side moving eyes and slot jaw. He is still wearing his ring which has his name. His paint is for the most part original but his wig and tuxedo have been replaced.

Vicki was kind enough to share a few publicity shots and publications for the web site so I hope you enjoy them too.

Thanks Vicki for allowing Ron to come and live with his cousins in the Willinger collection.































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