A Black Ventriloquist Figure


I am pleased to show you a very rare Frank Marshall figure of a Black Man. In Frank's 1931 catalogue he is called the Negro (politically incorrect today).

This fellow came to me in undressed condition and is the very early Frank style figure. He has the head stick which runs to the bottom board, the body is the slat style, and the hands are the Marshall flat hands. Frank has his card pasted in the body as well as inside the head.

This figure stands 40 inches tall. He has slot jaw with the lever control for same, side moving eyes which self center and the right eye roll winks. He also has an unusual set up so that you can control his mouth movement with your foot.

This is not with the bladder control but actually with string. Very unusual. His paint is not original but I liked it as I received him so I left the paint alone.

The clothing for him I had copied right from the catalogue. I wanted him to look as close as possible to what was pictured by Frank.

I think he looks great wonderful and is a wonderful member of the Ventriloquist Central Collection.













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