Frank Marshall
(Drawing by Matt Kimbro)



The "Marshall Arts"



Frank Marshall (Marzalkiewicz) - By Bob Isaacson
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The Different Hands of Frank Marshall's Figures
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The Different Ears of Frank Marshall's Figures
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Frank Marshall and His Eyebrows
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Frank Marshall Cases
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This figure is loaded!

Premier example of a Nosey

Another Nosey


Showing his teeth

Bob McElroy figure

Happy Guy


1940's figure

Ricky Tik

Another 1940's


1930's Original

Completely Restored

Unusual Combinations


Earliest Figure

1946 Figure

Dr Lichi


Work In Progress

1952 Nosey

Tommy Knots


Special Order






Marshall / McElroy



Mickey O'Finn

Chubby Cub


Little Eddie II

Theodore F. Peckerwood

Lester Marshall Jr. Figure


Johnny Main's Archie II

1930's Walking Figure

Joe Doaks


Used by Canfield Smith

Marionette Blue Prints

Another Joe Doaks?


Female Figure

Bernie Birchwood

Sailor Boy


Extra Long Headstick


Early 1940's


Junior Junior

Nate Proval Figure

Mr. Bookman's Figure


1930's Figure


Tiny Marshall Figure


1937 Nosey

Clifford Guest Kangaroo

1930's Nosey


Classic Figure

Black Figure

Donny O'Day


Used by Roy Catell

Walking Marshall

Rita Winchell's Harry Mahoney


1930's Fully Loaded

Very Small Marshall Figure

Irish Boy


Walter Walters

Chico Chico

Lucky Charlie




Lucky Charlie Restored

Tiny Marshall


















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