Lucky Charlie a Very Rare Frank Marshall
Ventriloquist Figure Is Restored


It was a long road to bring Lucky Charlie back to life but just before the Ventriloquist Central Birthday Bash he was completed. I waited before showcasing him in the collection page because I wanted the attendees to the Birthday Bash to have first viewing of this incredible carving from the Master Frank Marshall.

The figure stands 40" tall and he has the following functions, slot jaw, winker / blinkers rolling eyes, smoker and spitter. Everything is back to fully functional.

From the research I have done it appears that this was the only figure Frank carved like this. Blowing up the photograph shows that every line in the face in the picture matches with every line in this head.

He certainly is a prize and I am happy he is in the Ventriloquist Central Collection and also happy to share him with you.



Lucky Charlie a Very Rare Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Figure


Restoration Process:

Lucky Charlie Restoration

More Restoration On Lucky Charlie

More On Lucky Charlie Restoration

Yet More On Restoration of Frank Marshall’s Lucky Charlie

Lucky Charlie Is Getting New Leather

More Leather Restoration On Lucky Charlie

Frank Marshall’s Lucky Charlie Is Looking Fine












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