Rita Winchell's "Harry Mahoney"
A Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Figure


I was so excited when the children of Rita Winchell contacted me and showed me pictures of Harry Mahoney. The children decided that Harry should come to reside here at the Ventriloquist Central Collection so here he is in all his beauty.

He is a Nosey figure and was made by Frank Marshall in the late 1930's purchased by Paul Winchell and given to his younger sister Rita in 1940 for her 11th birthday.

He is in terrific condition too not having been messed with. The control stick is set up exactly how Paul Winchell had his head stick with the mouth control on the front of the head stick and the eye control on the side. There is a screw placed under the eye control so that you can tell when the eyes are centered. Paul did not use self centering eyes. His body is the standard shaped shoulder board with spline shaping to make the front. All original muslin arms, legs and body covering are present. His hands are also original.

Rita had done some over paint in a pink color and also had made his lips pink. I could see that the original paint was still there and thought it just might be nail polish. I used a cotton ball and acetone and low and behold the pink came right off showing all the original paint. I did have to go over the lips with a red to fill them in. Other than that the paint is original. He also has his original wig and two tone suit.

I also have the red Tourister suit case, from the 1950's, that Rita kept Harry in.

Harry Mahoney, as Rita Winchell named him, is a permanent member now of the Ventriloquist Central Collection

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