Frank Marshall Walking Ventriloquist Figure


Today I am pleased to show you one of the Rarest Marshall figures in the Ventriloquist Central Collection. This figure is a walking figure which looks like it just stepped out of the page of Franks 1931 catalogue.

This figure was built around 1955 and is outfitted with his original suit and shoes and bow tie from the period. That is a rarity in itself. The figure has slot jaw, upper lip smile, side to side self centering eyes, one eye winks and he has a spitter. He also originally had a mouth bladder that you could operate the mouth from his hand while walking the figure but over the years that rubber bladder has disintegrated. I did not try to replace it.

When I received him he had been partially painted by Brian Hamilton and it was a terrible paint job and also it had its original red hair wig which was in shreds so I had both of these flaws corrected and now he looks terrific. He is a wonderful example of Frank Marshall's creative genius.













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