A Rather Rare Ventriloquist Toy - Davy Crockett


The Ventriloquist Central Collection happens to have a very unusual toy vent figure made by The Grand Toy Co. in New York and it is of Davy Crockett. The Davy Crockett show was a very popular show back in the 1950's as westerns were all the rage through to the late 1960's.

This figure is in about as fine a condition as you will ever see and is complete right to his coon skin cap and original hang tag. I don't think he was ever played with except that this particular model had moving eyes and the string is missing. There are two holes in the back of the neck one for the mouth and the other for the eyes. The outfit is all original and the fringe was made of vinal. He also has his original cardboard moccasins.

I hope you enjoy looking at this very rare ventriloquist novelty.


























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