with Charlie McCarthy & Mortimer Snerd


EDGAR BERGEN  1903-1978

BORN: February 16, 1903 in Decatur, Michigan

FAME: Vent Superstar of Film & Radio

CHARACTERS: Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd

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1937: The Chase and Sanborn Hour (a live radio program on NBC)

1938: The Goldwyn Follies (motion picture)

1938: Letter of Introduction (motion picture)

1939: Charlie McCarthy, Detective (motion pictue)

1939: You Can't Cheat an Honest Man (motion picture)

1948: The New Edgar Bergen Hour (live radio program on CBS)

1950: The Edgar Bergen Show Featuring Charlie McCarthy (television)


QUESTION: Who made Charlie McCarthy? Mack or Marshall?  Both Mack and Marshall can take credit for Charlie McCarthy.  Mack made an early version (see photo on right) but Marshall made subsequent versions, as the 1955 article in Mechanix Illustrated  indicates. Read the article: MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED.


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You Can't Cheat an Honest Man

Letter of Introduction

Here We Go Again

TV Clips -- Thanksgiving Episode

TV Clips -- Ghost Town Episode

The Eyes Have It

Nut Guilty

A Neckin' Party






Chase and Sanborn Hour   (December 12, 1937)

Charlie McCarthy & Mae West --  oh, my!
Also includes the notorious
"Garden of Eden" Sketch
with Mae West as Eve and
Don Ameche as Adam















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Edgar Bergen 1903-1978





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