PETER BROUGH  1916-1999



BORN: February 26, 1916

FAME: British Star of Radio and Television

CHARACTERS: Archie Andrews

ANECDOTE: "When Peter Brough, the ventriloquist, asked his insurance company to increase the insurance on his dummy, Archie Andrews, from £5000 to £10,000, they replied that they would be glad to increase Mr. Andrew's coverage if he would present himself for a medical exam."

TRIVIA: Arthur Brough was the father of Peter Brough.  Arthur's dummy 'Tim' was used in the film Dead of Night, where Michael Redgrave plays a vent whose dummy takes possession of him.

TRIVIA: Ventriloquist’s Dummy Sells for £40,000:
‘Archie’ a ventriloquist doll made famous in a 1950s radio show was sold at auctioneers, Greenslade Taylor Hunt in Somerset, United Kingdom, on November 22, 2005, for £40,000.

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1944: Brough begins performing on radio

1950: Educating Archie (radio: a young Julie Andrews was also on the show)

1958: Educating Archie (television)








Guy Fawkes Day (10/30/1950)

The Cinema (10/19/1951)

The Sharp Crease (12/11/1952)

The Red Ink (2/11/1954)

The New Bypass (10/3/1956)

Archie in Australia (9/18/1957)

Brough Gets Fit (10/15/1957)

Around Britain in Eight Days (3/1/1959)











A Biography of Peter Brough













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